Hollowing Adzes from Hans Karlsson

HOLLOWING ADZE. Hand forged by Swedish toolmaker Hans Karlsson, these are easily the finest hollowing adzes that we know of. Excellent for bowl carving, saddling Windsor seats and sculpture projects. The 2-1/4” wide blade is shaped with an elliptical curve -- the middle cutting area has a shallow sweep surrounded by a steeper radius at the ends. The head weighs about 22 ounces. These adzes are made with a double-beveled edge. The outer bevel is quite distinct; this results in the good scooping action. The inner bevel is there to facilitate sharpening. All Hans Karlsson adze heads are forged from Swedish Uddeholm steel, Arne specification SS1672.

Swedish woodworkers often use a short handle, but Drew Langsner and many of our CW class members like a 20-inch bent hardwood handle for bowl carving and Windsor seat saddling.

H-162 is the same head as H-161, pre-fitted with a machine made short handle. We offer the head only (H-161)for those who want to make their own handle. H-161 includes patterns for the short handle and also a 20” bent handle.

The H-162 with short handle now comes with a leather guard made at the Karlsson shop.

H-161 2 1/4-inch adze head only (with handle patterns)
H-162 2 1/4-inch adze with short, carved handle & leather guard

WINDSOR CHAIRMAKER'S BOTTOMING ADZE. Drew Langsner has teamed up with the Swedish master toolmaker Hans Karlsson to develop this hefty hollowing adze for saddling Windsor chair seats. The head is approximately 3-1/2 inches wide and 50 per cent heavier than Hans' standard adzes. The cutting edge is rather flat with lips that are proportionately lower than the hollowing adze. A narrow included edge angle and adequate clearance behind the bevel makes this a very efficient cutting tool.
This is a professional tool designed to hollow a Windsor seat considerably faster than our standard H-161 adze head. Currently we sell Windsor adze heads only. A user made handle can be crafted from almost any hardwood that bends easily. A pattern showing the suggested handle
comes with each adze head.

H-164 3-1/2" Windsor adze head only
AM-05 Leather guard for chairmaker's adze heads

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