Wilow Basketry

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with Louise Langsner

Louise Langsner began weaving baskets when she and Drew settled in western North Carolina in 1974. She is attracted to the beauty of natural materials and has woven with native plants harvested from the surrounding woods and fields, including white oak, ash, hickory and poplar barks, vines, and cattails. Now she tends a patch of coppiced basketry willow on the farm to harvest yearly for weaving into strong, distinctive baskets.

The Willow Basketry weekend will introduce basic techniques of willow work used to make a classic, sturdy basket with a simple bow handle using stake-and-strand construction. Students will learn to make round or oval baskets with a variety of weaves that give the baskets strength as well as decorative patterns. Beginners will weave a round-based garden harvest basket, while more experienced basket makers may make an oval shopper or laundry basket. The unpeeled willow rods contribute naturally beautiful color and texture to the unique basket. Each student will complete at least one basket during the two-day class.

Willow basketry uses material that can be grown in a backyard garden and harvested year after year. The class will include instruction on propagation, harvesting, and preparation of willow for baskets, trellises, and garden structures.

The tuition for this weekend course is $350. This includes materials, a private room, and home-cooked meals. Participants will be asked to bring a few basic tools.

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