DREW LANGSNER apprenticed with master cooper Ruedi Kohler in the Swiss Alps in 1972. After moving to North Carolina he was introduced to Swedish spoon and bowl carving under the tutelage of Wille Sundqvist. Drew began making ladderback chairs in 1979 with J. Alexander and Windsor chairs in 1983 with Dave Sawyer. Drew and Louise started Country Workshops in 1978. He has also taught classes in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Japan. Drew is the author of numerous articles that have appeared in “Fine Woodworking”, “American Woodworker”, “Woodwork” and other magazines. His five books on woodworking include Country Woodcraft , Green Woodworking and The Chairmaker’s Workshop.

     Drew’s recent woodworking has focused on carving multi-hollow serving vessels that also co-exist as fine art sculpture. The following slideshow includes photos of Drew’s chairs, carved serving vessels, spoons and ladles.

Personal Web site: www.DrewLangsner.com

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