Making the Hearth Chair


with Drew Langsner

The Hearth Chair is Drew Langsner’s interpretation of a loafing rustic Windsor chair. It’s a great chair for reading, or hanging out with friends. The design was inspired by a type of Irish vernacular seating known as a “Gibson chair,” and also the geometry of Gerrit Rietveld’s famous modernist “red and blue” chair, first made in 1923. The Hearth Chair seat is low-slung, dropping almost 2 inches towards the back. The backrest is also raked at a radical angle. One unique feature is the very deep “shovel shaped” seat, with the rear legs located behind the backrest. With this long leg spacing it’s nearly impossible to tip the Hearth Chair onto its rear legs. The Hearth Chair has individual armrests supported by two short side spindles and the outer shoulder spindles of the backrest. The four central back spindles are almost 2-inches wide and are sculpted into a double-curved profile to form a comfortable backrest.

This is an intermediate/advanced level chairmaking course. To enroll you must have completed a course in making an American Windsor or one of our rustic Windsor workshops. You can read more about the Hearth Chair and how it’s constructed in Drew’s 18-page article published in “Woodwork” magazine, issues 58 & 59.

Tuition for this 5-day tutorial is $1325. This includes all necessary materials, meals, lodging in a private room, and use of our special Windsor chairmaking tools.

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Drew Langsner

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