Letters to Country Workshops from past students
I want to thank you and Louise for a wonderful weekend last week.
Everything was perfect -- the instruction, the accommodation, the food.
My bowl is drying nicely and my wife loves it. I've started another one and am building a carving bench to hew it out on. ...
Thanks again for a great weekend and my best to you both.

Billy G. Martin
Greensboro, NC

April 28, 2000
Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Windsor chairmaking course. It is amazing to me that I came in as [a] rank beginner and came out with a wonderful chair at the end of five days. I learned a lot, gained a whole new respect for hand tools (some of which I had not heard of before starting the course) and had a great time too! Thank you for making the experience so memorable.

Larry Quintman
Wilmington, NC

April 19, 2000 2:41 AM
Drew & Louise,
I have just finished a 16 hour flight back to Saudi Arabia...
This was a return trip to the country Workshops school this April. I completed a rustic Windsor bench (as a memory bench for my late father-in-law who, loved meeting you both in life). In reflecting back on my learning experiences I've made the following observations: (I would like to add that I have studied woodworking at other schools in the past)
1) The most important plus at Country workshops is its "learning environment". It's positive, motivational and encourages the learner (at any level) to seek to learn more.
2) Woodworking is an art. In the older days people were not "force feed" how to learn this craft. They mentored from a skilled craftsman who handed his or her knowledge on tot he next generation. Drew supplies this atmosphere in the workshops he provides. When I leave I take part of the Workshop experience with me forever.
3) Louise, Your warm meals and kindness is what holds it all together.

Steve Smith
Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia

Tuesday, March 28, 2000
Drew & Louise,
Had a great time at the Swiss Cooperage class. ... Betts thought the "shussel" [coopered bowl] was beautiful. Thanks again for another great woodworking experience, and for the [sour dough] starter.

Ted Warren
Richmond, VA

March 25, 2000
Hi Drew,
I arrived home at 6:35 PM, exactly 12 hours and 5 minutes after leaving your place this morning. ... I had a great time and learned a lot from you, about the various hand tools, the proper use and care of those tools, and a new hobby that is not only artistic but also food for my physical well being. Once I get the cooperage down to where I am really good with it, I will have to sign up for another class with you, like the Windsor
Have a great day,

Don Stanton
Butler, OH

Dear Drew,
Writing to express my utmost satisfaction with he quality of the blades crafted by Del Stubbs. Very [satisfying] to work with and as you commented, "strong enough to withstand serious use."
Needles to say, both videos [purchased] are thoughtfully produced and the best alternative to "hands on" instruction.

Vincent Kiosk
Madden, MA

March 4, 2000
Dear Drew,
My wife absolutely loves the [rustic Windsor] chair and is impressed with you and me!
Thanks for the wonderful experience. There are so many different things that I'll take from this - all of them positive.
You are a great teacher in many ways. I love working in wood and to have been able to learn from someone like you was an opportunity that I never thought that I would have. I am very pleased with he result and have gained a new confidence in my talents. Thanks again for everything.

Doug Kochneff
Raleigh, NC

February 5, 2000
Dear Drew & Louise,
I just wanted to tell you both thanks again for your kindness & hospitality as well as the great food and excellent instruction! I'm writing this with my butt resting comfortably in my new chair.

Randall Kitka
Albuquerque, NM

November 17, 1999
Thanks for the great workshop last week. I learned a lot and came home with a great looking chair. ... Thanks again to you and Louise.

Chuck Gaul
Wheaton, IL

November 09, 1999
Dear Drew,
What a beautiful spokeshave! I am absolutely thrilled to have such a lovely tool. ...

John Russell
E. Suffolk, United Kingdom

July 8, 1999
Enclosed [check] is for the drawknife.
It's beautiful! & it works like a charm!

Dr. Marlin Mathiesen
Greeneville, TN

November 6, 2000
Dear Drew,
Just wanted to ... Thank you for sharing your expertise, time and patience during the workshop. Had a great time and learned a lot more than just how to build a rustic Windsor. You and Louise were wonderful hosts.

Rick Hermann, MD
Richmond, VA

July 31, 1999
Drew and Louise,
Many thanks for your generosity in sharing the beautiful environment you've created here with us. It has been a wonderfully inspiring experience...

The Rustic Windsor Class of '99
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Lynn Flaten (Stone Mountain, GA)

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