Toolmaking for Woodworkers


Those of us who become interested in woodworking with hand tools often find ourselves needing to obtain or recondition tools that are not readily available.

Participants in this workshop will gain hands-on experience at cold forming, forging, tempering and hardening tools for woodworking. The course begins with cold-forming blades from annealed (softened) O1 tool steel flat stock, and then moves on to hot-forging. We will begin by making plane or knife blades, and then move on to more challenging projects. During this year’s course each student will make and work with a simple, but very useful, insulated 2-brick propane forge, which will be yours to take home after the class. Because this is not one of our regular courses, students are required to bring a rather extensive tool selection.

This is not a general course in blacksmithing, although it does serve as an excellent introduction to the blacksmith’s craft. We will be working with several types of high-carbon tool steel, including new and salvaged materials. Coal and propane forges will be utilized.

Master tool smith Hans Karlsson will be traveling from southern Sweden to teach this special course. You can see a selection of his tools – those with an H part number – in our CW Store Catalog.

Tuition for this 5-day course is $1100, including materials, meals and lodging. After registering you will receive a confirmation letter containing a list of required tools (common hand and measuring tools) and a list of optional tools and equipment.

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