Winter Tutorials
(Drew Langsner)

Ladderback Chairmaking (2)
Windsor Chairmaking (3)
Advanced Windsor Chairmaking
Swiss Cooperage; Drew Langsner

Spring Weekend Workshops

Spoon Carving
Carving Large Bowls

Summer Workshops

Volunteer Week
Ladderback Rocking Chairs; Brian Boggs
17th Century Joinery; John Alexander and Peter Follansbee
Toolmaking For Woodworkers; Frank Turley
Windsor Chairmaking; Drew Langsner
Ladderback Chairmaking; Dan Mayner
Japanese Woodworking - canceled
Green Woodworking With Kids; Drew Langsner

Crafts Tour

Switzerland; Frederick Bucherer and Drew Langsner



Volunteer Week in full action -- rebuilding the south wall of the workshop.





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