No Winter Tutorials
(DL writing The Chairmaker's Workshop)

Summer Workshops

Volunteer Week
Ladderback Chairmaking; Drew Langsner
Toolmaking for Woodworkers; Hans Karlsson
Windsor Chairmaking; Drew Langsner (with Ernie Conover, 3 days)
Swedish Woodenware; Ken Bengston
Welsh Stick Windsors; John Brown
Lapstrake Boat Building; Jim Austin

Fall Tour

Sweden; Jogge Sundqvist and Drew Langsner


Hans Karlsson (Motala, Sweden) teaching Toolmaking for Woodworkers (right). Intern Neal Gunter (MI) in the background. Take a look at Hans' beautiful adzes and gouges in the CW Store section of our web site.










Drew Langsner (left) tries some forge work. Decides to stay with woodworking.


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