Winter Tutorials
(Drew Langsner)

Ladderback Chairmaking (2)
Rustic Windsor Chairmaking (2)
Carving Bowls and Spoons
Swiss Cooperage
American Windsor Chairmaking (2)

Spring Weekend Workshops

Carving Large Bowls (2)
Make A Windsor Stool - canceled

Summer Workshops

Volunteer Week
Ladderback Chairmaking; Drew Langsner
Woodworking for Women (3); Marilyn MacEwen
Welsh Stick Chairs; John Brown
Toolmaking for Woodworkers; Hans Karlsson
Handtool Techniques; Carl Swensson
Rush Seating; Carl Swensson - canceled
Twig Furniture; Tom Lynch - canceled

Fall Crafts Tour

Western Switzerland and Eastern France; Daniel Kuster and Drew Langsner

Fall Tutorials
(increase to 4 in group)

Rustic Windsor Chairmaking
Ladderback Chairmaking
Carving Bowls and Spoons

Student Rick Ford (KY) at a shaving mule, making spindles during a Rustic Windsor tutorial.









Classmates Rick Ford (KY) and Larry Lanker (OH) boring spindle mortises
in a pieced arm bow on a rustic Windsor.




Rick's assembled rustic Windsor.

















Student Cliff Fitzpatrick (SC) carving a large bowl, from tulip poplar. Winter tutorial -- Carving Large Bowls and Spoons.










Fellow student, Jeff Williams (GA) carving a serving ladle. At the bowl and spoon tutorial.





South view of the CW workshop. Winter 2000.

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