Hans Karlsson Drawknife
Our high quality drawknife is handmade by Swedish toolmaker Hans Karlsson, our supplier for hollowing adzes and gouges. It has been designed and extensively tested by Drew Langsner, author of The Chairmaker's Workshop, and is shipped properly sharpened and ready for use.

Country Workshops’ drawknife is recommended for most types of traditional green woodworking, including post-and-rung and Windsor chairmaking, shaving tool handles, and cooperage. The flat, straight blade, which is 8-inches in length, is designed for easy, jigged grinding and hand-held honing. Also, the flat blade means that the drawknife is easy to use bevel up or bevel down, depending on the task at hand. (Curved drawknives only work in one configuration.) For chairmaking we usually work bevel down to take advantage of the fulcrum effect of the bevel heel. However, when working with the bevel up, the handles are at a higher angle; this creates needed handle clearance for tasks such as carving on a Windsor seat.

High quality tool steel and careful tempering assure that the Country Workshops drawknife will hold a keen edge. Forged from Swedish Uddeholm steel Arne specification SS2140, which is notable for staying flat during heat-treating and for holding a keen edge (toughness). Design by Drew Langsner, made by Hans Karlsson. Delivered sharp.


H-171 Drawknife
AM-01 8" Drawknife guard
AM-02 10" Drawknife guard


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