Hans Karlsson Gouges

H KARLSSON GOUGES. H KARLSSON GOUGES.Hans Karlsson and his two sons Andreas and Johan produce this selection of high quality Swedish gouges. These beautiful and very functional tools are excellent for hollowing spoons, bowls and other carving projects. H Karlsson gouges are forged from Swedish ball bearing steel, which is formulated for toughness. They really hold a keen edge. The H-120 series dog-leg gouges are designed for hollowing hard to reach areas, such as the converging long grain on the hollowed bottom of carved bowls. The smaller H-121 dog-leg gouge is also a very efficient tool for hollowing the bowls of spoons and ladles. It is also popular with kuksa carvers. (Kuksa is a wooden coffee cup, a Sami tradition from northern Sweden.)

The H-130 series double-hooped gouges are designed for carving large bowls. These heavy duty gouges –which are suitable for striking with a mallet or hammer – are also used by wood sculptors and for saddling Windsor chair seats by chairmakers who don’t use an adze and inshave. The H-141 mini-goatfoot V-gouge is used for engraving and carving surface designs. The other gouges have a rounded rectangular hardwood handle, and are designed for paring (pushing, not striking). All Karlsson gouges are expertly sharpened to cut with a fine finish.

Note: The Karlsson’ sweep system is based on the curve of a circle designated by the diameter measured in millimeters. Because these tools are handmade, there can be a variation of a few millimeters in tool width compared to nominal size.

We are often asked which gouges to buy when starting. For spoon carvers who would like to use a conventional gouge Drew suggests getting the H-101 straight paring gouge. Bent gouges are not helpful, and traditional “spoon gouges” are given that name because of their shape, not their use. Both of these are not particularly efficient configurations, except when they are needed to reach into an existing hollow. For bowl carvers we suggest starting with this group of gouges:
• H-112 – 35mm bent paring, #90 sweep – for detailing the inner sides
• H-123 – 35mm dog leg paring, #150 sweep – for getting into the bottom
• H-133 – 40mm double hoop bent, #55 sweep – for refining the hollow, after adzing.
If you start with this selection you will easily find out which other gouges you may eventually want to have.

100 Series - Straight Paring Gouges

Stock # Description Price
H-100 15 mm 35 sweep $83.50
H-101 22 mm 25 sweep $85.50
H-102 30 mm 35 sweep $92.25
H-103 35 mm 90 sweep $92.25
H-104 35 mm 150 sweep $92.25

Width of the current version of the H-113 is 35mm, the same width as the H-112. The photo shows a previous model.

110 Series - Bent Paring Gouges

Stock # Description Price
H-110 22 mm 25 sweep
H-111 30 mm 55 sweep
H-112 35 mm 90 sweep
H-113 35 mm 150 sweep

120 Series - Dogleg Paring Gouges

Stock # Description Price
H-121 25 mm 35 sweep $88.50
H-122 30 mm 55 sweep $95.50
H-123 35 mm 150 sweep $95.50

130 Series - Double Hoop Striking Gouges

Stock # Description Price
H-130 30 mm 35 sweep - straight (not pictured) $121.25
H-131 30 mm 35 sweep - bent $121.25
H-132 40 mm 55 sweep – straight $132.75
H-133 40 mm 55 sweep – bent $132.75
H-134 40 mm 150 sweep – straight $132.75
H-135 50 mm 70 sweep – straight $144.25
H-136 50 mm 70 sweep – bent $144.25


This specialty gouge was designed to be easy to hold while hollowing the bowl of small and medium size spoons. Like all other Karlsson tools, it works beautifully. Made from high quality tool steel. The 20mm width of the cutting edge equals about 13/16 inch.

H-148 20mm spoon carving mini-gouge


These gouges are lighter and less complex to produce than the standard H Karlsson paring gouges, but they are the same high quality. Excellent for detail work, carving figures, animals, floral designs, etc. Drew uses these gouges in the tight areas of his multi-hollow serving vessels. These are popular with beginners, but we have found that they are also very much appreciated by professional carvers.

Sold as a set of 5. There are 3 straight gouges: 12mm with a Karlsson 25 sweep, 18mm – 55 sweep, 22mm – 90 sweep. Plus 2 bent gouges: 18mm – 35 sweep, 22mm – 70 sweep. You can see what these Karlsson sweeps below.

H-146 5-Piece Artisan Carving Set

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Tools can be purchased three ways: Order by phone (Office hours: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern Time) using your Visa/MasterCard for payment; order by mail, by clicking on Order Form (you can print the Order Form on your computer's printer, but we do not yet offer on-line ordering); direct purchase at our store and showroom.

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