Leather Tool Guards

LEATHER TOOL GUARDS are one of the best ways to protect your valuable edge tools. A drawknife or inshave with a leather guard can be kept in a drawer or box among other tools free of any worry about tool damage. It will also prevent many accidental cuts that can occur during casual tool handling, but you must still be careful when inserting the tool into it’s guard. We recommend using common mineral oil to protect your tools from rust. An oily guard can only be beneficial.

Our leather guards are made by Andy McFate. The guards use riveted construction and vegetable oil tanned leather. Each guard has a mid layer insert at the tool cutting edge that protects the blade from contacting the rivets. A recent innovation -- parts for the guards are now laser cut, including the holes for rivets and snaps.
The drawknife guards are for flat, straight drawknives, but they can be used with some bowed/curved drawknives. The axe, inshave and adze guards are made specifically for our H Karlsson and S Djarv tools. Andy can also make special order guards for your other tools.

The Karlssons now ship their handled adzes and axes with similar leather guards made at their shop. Gransfors Bruks axes also have guards as standard.


AM-01 8" Drawknife guard
AM-02 10" Drawknife guard
AM-04 Inshave guard
AM-05 2-1/4” Hollowing adze guard
AM-06 3-1/2” Windsor chairmaker’s adze guard
AM-07 Svante’s baby axe guard
AM-08 Cooper’s hollowing knife guard
AM-09 Hans Karlsson Sloyd Axe guard
AM-10 Svante's Little Viking axe guard


How To Order
Tools can be purchased three ways: Order by phone (Office hours: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern Time) using your Visa/MasterCard for payment; order by mail, by clicking on Order Form (you can print the Order Form on your computer's printer, but we do not yet offer on-line ordering); direct purchase at our store and showroom.

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