Hans Karlsson Inshave
Inshaves are used for saddling Windsor chair seats after rough shaping the contour with a hollowing adze. The Country Workshops inshave has a curved blade that is slightly flattened in the center area, with steeper curves at the sides. (It does not have a uniform radius, which tends to leave scooped tracks on the bottom of a chair seat.) The flatter section is used in the less dished center of a chair seat; the upswept sides are used towards the back of the seat, just below the flat spindle section. The handle tangs are angled upwards just enough to keep your knuckles above the surface being carved, but also rather low for efficient cutting. Our inshaves have also been successfully used for creating a hand-sculpted look on logs and timbers in architectural applications. The current version, designed by Drew Langsner, has evolved during the past 20 years to the point where we think it is ideal. Forged from Swedish Uddeholm steel Arne specification SS2140. Another exceptional tool from Hans Karlsson.

H-172 Inshave
AM-04 Inshave guard

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