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Sloyd Knives for Wood Carvers

Phil Fuentes offers very good straight sloyd knives, and also spoon-carving knives in left and right configurations. Phone 336-549-8002.

SLOYD – The magical crafts word from Scandinavia. The general meaning is ‘handcraft.’  Throughout Scandinavia  there is a long history of teaching handcrafts as part of basic education in public schools. Jögge Sundqvist tells us that sloyd has several additional, older  implications  related to ‘clever , resourceful and skillful.’  An old timer might say ‘I am not unskillful.’

Our Swedish sloyd knives are made by Hans Karlsson and Svante Djärv. (Svante’s name is pronounced something like S-vant-A Yar-Va.) Svante Djärv’s knives have rather hefty, comfortable elm handles. They are forged from wear resistant steel that keeps a very good edge. Svante’s “Big Brother” hook knives are similar to his standard spoon knives, only the curve is larger, and they are made from thicker steel. The detail knife (S-12) is recommended for spoon carving,  and other small work.



Svante’s small sloyd knife (S-13) is currently Drew’s favorite knife for teaching spoon carving and doing his own work. The 5/8 x 2-3/4 inch blade is a compromise between small and large, and it’s often just right for most carving work and other projects. We now offer the same knife with a hand-stitched leather sheath – S-13S. We imagine that Svante and Elsa make these when watching TV or something like that . (How else could they find time to do this”).

All of these knives are sold properly sharpened and ready for use.


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Sloyd Knives

The Svante Djärv spoon carver’s hook knives come in 2 configuration,  and the standard left and right versions. S-21 and S-22 are for smaller spoons, and carving with a tight bowl. Big Brother S-23 and S-24 are for more shallow spoons and ladles.

HANS KARLSSON’S spoon-carving knives are shaped with a curve that is in-between the Standard and Big Brother Svante knives.  In this variant, the curvature  of the blade is below the axis of the handle, making the cutting action somewhat different, and maybe more comfortable. 

  Our detail sloyd knife from Hans Karlsson is perfect for small or fine work – spoon carving, whittling, detailing chair parts or door latches, and much more.  The blade is approximately 2 inches long, with distinct, flat bevels on both sides. Unlike many small carving knives, the cutting edge curves upwards towards the tip. This is harder to make (and sharpen) but it allows the carver to work in places that straight edged knives (that curve downwards from the back of the blade) cannot easily reach. Blade width is about 3/8 inch – excellent for carving into hollows or tight areas. Overall length 7 inches.  The handle is cigar shaped, tapering to a cone-shaped bolster at the blade end. This allows a grip close to the blade which is excellent for various knife grasps.


This specialty gouge was designed to be easy to hold while hollowing the bowl of small and medium size spoons. Like all other Karlsson tools, it works beautifully. Made from high quality tool steel. The 20mm width of the cutting edge equals about 13/16 inch.

H-148        20mm  mini  spoon carving mini-gouge        $63.75

STUBBS KNIVES. We currently offer two exceptional knives made by Del Stubbs in Minnesota. The DS-07 kolrossing knife is a Norwegian-style, used for single cut engraving that is traditionally filled with a mixture of linseed oil and powdered bark. The kolrossing knife can also be used for double pass, V-cuts. The DS-08 engraving  knife is a stout little beauty, intended for double pass, V-cut decorative incising. Both knives have beautifully turned, hardwood handles and are extremely sharp. Stubbs knives are made from 01 high carbon tool steel.

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Tools can be purchased three ways: Order by phone (Office hours: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Eastern Time) using your Visa/MasterCard for payment; order by mail, by clicking on Order Form (you can print the Order Form on your computer's printer, but we do not yet offer on-line ordering); direct purchase at our store and showroom.

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