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Typical contents include stories about recent students and our guest instructors, practical information (on sharpening, making your own travisher, or a bowl blank holding fixture called "Bull Dog"), and news about new tools from the Country Workshops Store. Each newsletter also has an update on forthcoming classes. To signup, click here, and then type "newsletter" in the subject field of your e-mail.
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Six Most Recent Newsletters (In descending order)

Sept. - Oct. 2013

- Class Calendar Update

- Boomer Bill’s Transformation

  1. -Hand-Made Tools for Real

  2. -Butter Knife Project

May - June 2013
Schedule update
- Wille carving video update
Polish-sharpen your gouges

February 2013

- Class Calendar Update

- Tribute Edition

- Volunteer Week Again!

March - April 2013

- Class Calendar Update

  1. -Book and DVD Edition

  2. -Stumped Again

- More spreaders

July - August 2013
Schedule update
- Wille carving video update
Volunteer Week - Again

Nov. - Dec. 2013

- Class Calendar Update

- Book and Video News

  1. -Butter Knife Project