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During this past year we’ve been asking our class participants if they use our web-site on-line forum. The reply has been surprising; with the answer being almost no one. Many of our students tell us that they didn’t know we had such a thing, even though the forum listing is near the top of the index on our home page.  You can click here for the direct link.

Country Workshops web site forum was set up in 2005 with the idea of providing a place to discuss traditional woodworking, particularly the areas that we focus on in our various classes. This is not a chat-room type of forum. Rather, we have been assembling an archive where you can find an on-going exchange of information about various aspects of our craft. Looking through the contents is open, with no strings attached. If you wish to contribute a post – and we encourage you to do this -- you’ll need to become a member. Signing up is easy. There’s a link on the first forum screen that will take you through the short membership process.

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Save 15-20% Now

At this time of year our winter tutorials are usually almost fully enrolled.  Because of the recession economy, some of our winter courses are currently under-enrolled. These tutorials are limited to just 4 students. Tuition includes materials, use of specialized tools, a private room, and special meals prepared by Louise Langsner.  Drew Langsner is the instructor. Tuition discounts are now available for these select courses:

Dates Course Name Standard Tuition Discount Tuition
March 9 - 13 American Windsor Chairmaking $975.00 $828.75
Mar 30 - Apr 3 Rustic Windsor Chairmaking $975.00 $828.75

As a further incentive ... If you register for 2 or more of these tutorials, or recruit a friend to register with you, we will deduct an additional 5% from the standard tuition for each enrollment. Also, to make things easier, the deposit for these tutorials has been reduced to $250, with the tuition balance due 4 weeks before the course begins. Please note: The minimum enrollment to run each listed tutorial at the discount tuition is 2 registrations. Our cancellation policy, found on the Country Workshops Web site applies.

To sign-up, or ask any questions, e-mail us or phone 828 656 2280.

Spring/Summer/Fall Class Schedule
We are currently accepting registrations for summer workshops and fall tutorials. Summer workshops bring in notable guest instructors and average 8 students. Fall tutorials are taught by Drew and are limited to 4 students. As always, there are no add-on charges. Tuition includes materials, accommodations and meals. Specialty tools are provided for all classes (exception – Japanese woodworking, where tool preparation is a major part of the course.)

You can read more about each course by following these links:
April 18-19: Willow Basketry (with Louis Langsner)
June 8-12: Toolmaking for Woodworkers (Hans Karlsson) – Full
June 22-27: Ladderback Chairmaking (Drew Langsner)
July 6-10: Carving Bowls and Spoons (Drew Langsner)
July 20-25: Japanese Woodworking (Carl Swensson)
August 3-8: Post-and-Rung Rocking Chair (Tom Donahey)
August 17-21: 17th Century Joinery (Peter Follansbee) - 2 Openings
October 19-23: Rustic Windsor Chairmaking  (Drew Langsner)  – 3 Openings
November 2-6: Windsor Chairmaking (Drew Langsner)
November 16-20: Ladderback Chairmaking (Drew Langsner) – 3 Openings


Many Country Workshops participants have come to depend on “Woodwork Magazine” as a publication that would go out-of-the way to include out-of-the way stories. For instance, Woodwork ran an 18 page article on Drew’s Hearth Chair back in 1999. (It was divided into 2 issues.) Towards the end of last year we learned that Ross Periodicals wanted to sell this publication. The new owner is an outfit called Woodworking Media, LLC.  Woodworking Media also owns “American Woodworker.”  The editorial offices are in Eagan,  MN and Tom Caspar is the new editor.

Well, the new owner’s first edition is out. Woodwork is now a quarterly publication, but otherwise it’s very much the same magazine that we have known. We are pleased to tell you that this first issue includes articles by Peter Follansbee and Drew Langsner. Peter’s article is Recreating a 17th Century Carved Box, the exact project that Peter will be teaching during his August 17-21 course at Country Workshops. The article is 8 pages, with an excellent text and photos. Drew’s piece is A High School for Boatbuilders, and is about Stensund Folk High School, located just south of Stockholm Sweden.

To buy a copy (or to subscribe)  phone: 866 927 0956
or e-mail :


Anyone who enjoys carving largish bowls from a halved log knows that securing the blank for adzing can be a hassle. For years we’ve depended on heavy low benches that are drilled with holes for using a peg and wedge holding system. This is a simple solution that works, but it can be frustrating spending far too much time re-inserting wedges that continually vibrate loose from impact of adzing. There had to be a better way.

Last fall Jan Harm came  to Country Workshops from Amsterdam, Holland  to take the Ladderback Chairmaking tutorial. Jan is an industrial designer and teacher, and an avid carver of bowls and spoons. In our free time, we decided to brainstorm the bowl blank holder problem. First, we decided that the new device should be relatively easy to make, and  that it would utilize off-the-shelf standard components. I introduced Jan to pipe clamps, something that is apparently unknown in Old Europe. We then looked through a pile of tool catalogs, searching for  the perfect model. It needed to fit 3/4” pipe (easy) but it also needed  a somewhat longer reach than standard pipe clamps, so that the pipe itself could be located below the working surface.  The clamp would be secured at the ends using standard cast iron pipe flanges. For a heavy, beam-like base, we decided to bolt together eight 2 by 12’s.

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