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FROES BY LIE-NIELSEN TOOLWORKS. This is one tool where we prefer welded fabrication and machining rather than traditional forging. Most older froes were made from one piece of steel, with the ferule formed by bending one end of the blade stock into a loop. The problem with the conventional construction is that it is difficult to exactly fit a lathe-turned round handle to the bent and unevenly shaped ferule, which also tends to be thick walled and weighty.

The Drew Langsner designed Lie-Nielsen froes utilize mild steel for the blade that is welded to a tubular steel ferule. With a true cylindrical ferule it is a straightforward process to turn a perfectly fitted handle from kiln dried hard maple. The welded construction also makes it possible to increase the depth of the ferule (which helps to keep the handle tightly fitted). To improve leverage with a fulcrum, the blade is comparatively narrow but thick. The bevels are surface milled to a 30 degree included angle, then eased at the transition area.

Two models are available. The standard chairmaker’s froe has a 12-inch blade; the lighter basketmaker’s froe has an 8-inch blade. Both versions have a baked black powder finish and come with a kiln-dried hard maple handle.


Standard 12 inch froe, with handle


Basket makerís 8 inch froe, with handle


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