Swedish Sloyd Craft with Jogge Sundqvist at Country Workshops
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with Jögge Sundqvist

“SLOYD” The magic word in the world of traditional hand crafts. According to Jögge Sundqvist, sloyd has many meanings, some almost contradictory. The simple definition is “handcraft’. But in Scandinavia there was a sloyd movement that was an adjunct to country religion and also a pedagogical curriculum in the primary schools. Jögge says that the root meaning refers to ‘a country guy who is clever and resourceful using basic tools and natural, available materials.’ Hmmm.

In planning this course we decided to focus on two classic sloyd projects – carving spoons and bowls. Spoon carving will emphasize the different grasps in knife work, and engraved surface decoration – one of Jögge’s special skills. Projects can range from small teaspoons to large serving ladles. Bowl carving will include the up-side-down bark up orientation (the Bengt Lidström innovation) and an option for advanced bowl makers – carving an “ale goose.” Adze work and hewing with carving axes will be emphasized. We will have several versions of our innovative “bowl dogs” available for use. Surface decoration and painting will also be included.

This is an intermediate and advanced level course. Drew Langsner’s bowl and spoon carving tutorials are the recommended prerequisite.

Tuition for the 6-day summer workshop is $1075. This includes materials, accommodations, meals and use of specialized tools.

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